Sacred Heart Church, Manville NJ

The 80-plus-year history of Sacred Heart Parish in Manville,
New Jersey, is a deeply human history of faith, dedication, courage, resourcefulness, and above all optimism and hope
for the future.

The founding priests and parishioners of this parish reflected the very same pioneer spirit of "can do" and "will do" that translated into the founding and developing of the United States of America, the greatest democracy on earth.
Sacred Heart
These were builders and pioneers of Polish heritage, who banded together under the leadership of dedicated priests to build a parish that not only ministered to the spiritual needs of its people but a parish that preserved Polish culture, language, and historical observances. It is a Polish Roman Catholic Parish that has enriched the quality of life in the Manville area for over 80 years.

Over a period of all these years, much has happened to the world as well as our communities. The changes have affected everyone in varying degrees. Wars, depression, inflation, moral confusion, energy shortages, nuclear threat, environmental abuses, problems with youth, excessive crime, racial unrest.

Threats to the sacredness and preservation of human life are among the samples of problems we face in 2000. In some cases, the changes were so swift and varied that our abilities to cope effectively had become impaired. For us, the one constant has been the love of God. Those who believe in Him are able to sustain themselves in harmony.

Sacred HeartThis parish, our church is our anchor. If we continue to honor God, respect and admire the achievements of our pioneer families and all those who came before us, and model our efforts on theirs, we will continue to grow and develop for posterity. We pray that our future history will be filled with God's presence and the indomitable spirit of our forefathers. Each of us should be visibly proud of our parish, our heritage and our great country.

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