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The Redemptorists-Sacred Heart Church in Manville, NJ
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (1819-1867)

Francis Seelos was born in the diocese of Augsburg on January 11, 1819. He studied philosophy and began the course of theology in the University of Munich before he SaThe Redemptorists-Sacred Heart Church in Manville, NJconsidered joining the Redemptorists. After visiting their house in Altötting he decided to go to America to enter the Congregation.

He made his profession in Baltimore in May 1844 and was ordained priest there in December. In the following year he was sent to Pittsburgh, where he ministered with St. John Neumann. After being rector in Pittsburgh in 1857 he was affected by a very serious illness of the lungs with hemorrhaging. In spite of all fears, he was cured and was able to fill further posts as novice master, director of students and rector of the house of studies of the American province.

Father Seelos was always an active and highly successful missioner, particularly devoted to the confessional and was revered as an exceptional confessor and spiritual director. He was greatly relieved to learn that he had escaped the bishopric of Pittsburgh for which his name bad been proposed.

His pastoral sense was deep and moved him to spend a great deal of effort caring for the poor, sick, and neglected. While caring for yellow fever victims in New Orleans, a year after being appointed there, he contracted the disease himself and died of it on 1867. Francis Seelos was beatified in 2000.
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